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apple developer account:Stern action if in cahoots with smugglers, drug traffickers - police


Stern disciplinary action including dismissal will be taken against police officers and personnel found to be in cahoots with smugglers or drug traffickers at the country’s borders, said Kelantan police chief Shafien Mamat.“Smugglers or drug traffickers will not get through the roadblocks if they have no informers.“In fact, as we are all aware, security is very tight at the roadblocks in the state, more so during this conditional movement control order period. The border gates have also not been opened but yet there have been attempts to enter illegally.”He said this at a news conference after a monthly gathering of the state police contingent in Dewan Dato' Ab Rahman at its headquarters in Kota Bharu today.Shafien said he also ordered a monitoring team to keep an eye on the use of social media by his officers and personnel.He said this was because some misuse the platforms by uploading negative content including showing purportedly luxurious lifestyles that went viral.“This would not only taint the individuals concerned but also the whole police force. So, I urge the police personnel in this state not to misuse social media including to ‘fix’ their own friends without their knowledge,” added.- Bernama

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