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buy apple developer account:Mobile use in Indonesia tops five hours a day


Mobile use in Indonesia tops five hours per day, on average. — AFP Relaxnews It is in Indonesia that web users spend the most time on their smartphones, with average mobile use exceeding five hours a day. In Europe, users in the UK lead the way with over three hours’ mobile use per day. According to the App Annie “State of Mobile 2021” report, web users spent an average 4hrs 12mins per day on their smartphones in 2020, a figure that's up 20% compared to last year. Mobile use tends to be highest in developing countries, often topping four hours a day. In Europe and North America, daily usage levels fall mostly between 2hrs 30mins and 3hrs 30mins. In any case, smartphone use has shot up in 2020. The pandemic and the various lockdowns and restrictions affecting most global regions undoubtedly had a role to play in this rise. Top 10 nations where people spend the most time on their mobiles (average hours spent on mobile per day per user) 1. Indonesia, 5hrs 12mins 2. Brazil, 4hrs 48mins 3. India, 4hrs 36mins 4. Mexico, 4hrs 24mins 4. Argentina, 4hrs 24mins 4. South Korea, 4hrs 24mins 7. Turkey, 4hrs 8. China, 3hrs 54mins 9. Japan, 3hrs 42mins 10. Canada, 3hrs 36mins This data is for Android smartphone users only. In 2020, over 80% of handsets sold worldwide used the Android mobile operating system. – AFP Relaxnews

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