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buy apple account:James Cameron says online world means ‘Skynet has won’


Terminators in their natural state. (AAP) Tweet Facebook Mail For James Cameron, the new iPhone reminds him a little too much of the murderous, self-aware Skynet computer program from his Terminator movies.Despite being renowned as one of Hollywood's most tech-savvy directors, Cameron makes his calls from a 10-year-old flip phone, USA Today has reported.He said the phones were too easy for the government to track and compared the potential for large-scale monitoring to Skynet."It's not that I have anything to hide," he said."To me it's a matter of principle."Cameron also revealed his love of running contrary to popular trends.Despite being known for his development of new filming technologies, the Oscar-winning director also deplores the modern love of the online world.RelatedDestiny 2 breathes new light into old gaming franchise Supermassive black hole 2000 light years closer than we thoughtNew Chinese stealth bomber 'can target US bases thousands of kilometres away'"Skynet has already won," he said."Everyone is wired to their computers."The Terminator, released in 1984, starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a killer cyborg controlled by Skynet, a self-aware military defence network that carried out a nuclear holocaust to wipe out most of humanity.

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