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NOW that the political dust has settled for the time being, we see the previous short-lived higher education minister being (re-)appointed, having initially been put in office 18 months ago. 

Granted, this regime has never come up with a reform agenda after it seized power. Nonetheless, it has been given a second chance, with reminders from various quarters, including from the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, that proper governance and reforms must be the order of the day.

With this in mind, Gerak is issuing this memorandum, containing proposals which we have discussed and debated in public and even with political and administrative officials over the years. 

Indeed, some of the reforms we propose here have already been brought to Parliament but never fully acted upon.

We and many others – in government as well as in academia and civil society – know full well that these proposals are realistic ones.

All that is needed is political will and political action from a regime that MUST conduct reforms or face getting removed in GE15. 


Malaysia’s higher education institutions have for too long been under the yoke of the ministry of higher education (before MoE, now MoHE). Top university managements have rarely spoken independently, let alone analytically.

This relationship needs to be reset, from the current overt hierarchy and political subordination to one of mutual respect and critical engagement. This we believe can be achieved via the following:

1.1 Replace all “politically appointed” vice chancellors, deputy vice chancellors, chairman and board of directors – This practice of appointing them and other top university administrators on the basis of political patronage and loyalty has to stop. We urge the minister to immediately replace all these political appointees with respected, independent-minded, analytical and accountable leaders.

1.2 Establish national search committees to appoint the new university top management – In this interim period, we urge that these appointments be undertaken solely by the already-existing independent national search committee comprising eminent scholars (serving or retired academics), civil society and corporate leaders, and MoHE officials appointed by the university Senates.

For subsequent appointments, we suggest that each university be authorised to set up its own committee which shall be fully empowered to nominate its own members and proceed to appoint new university administrators.

Gerak is also calling for the introduction of term limits to all top university administrative posts to that of two three-year terms, i.e. six years maximum. 

In this regard, all other irrelevant and, indeed, wasteful external agencies, like Akademi Kepimpinan Pendidikan Tinggi, should be removed from the process of selection.